Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What to Avoid When Traveling to the Caribbean (guest post by Tiffany Mullins)

What to Avoid When Traveling to the Caribbean

Your Caribbean vacation is sure to consist of sun, sand and incredible memories that unite your family for many years to come. However, any time you travel to another country, you must remember a few pointers in order to keep your loved ones safe and happy. Thankfully, you can avoid a variety of potential mishaps by checking out the tips below – allowing you and your family to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

·        Unclean water and raw foods: Tempted by that friendly street vendor with the sumptuous-smelling jerk chicken? No matter how mouth-watering the local fare may appear, you should still exercise caution to avoid illness. Here’s a tip: only eat cooked foods and fruits that need peeling.
·        Painful sunburn: You may have gotten away without using sunscreen (tsk! tsk!) during that trip to the Jersey shore, but let’s face it, the Caribbean’s a little closer to the equator. Many travelers don’t realize that sunscreen is of the utmost importance, and wind up with painful burns or even worse, sun poisoning – so bring lots of SPF and reapply often.
·        Noisy festivals: Looking for a relaxing and quiet getaway? Make sure that your chosen destination isn’t celebrating a large festival during your vacation. Antigua parties it up for two weeks each summer during Carnival, and the normally-sleepy town of Negril hosts the JamFest concert series for spring breakers during the month of March.
·        Pickpocketing: If you plan on leaving your resort, remember to keep a close eye on your property and to limit the amount of cash you carry. While many locals are friendly and welcoming, others may want to take advantage of naïve tourists. Don’t give them the chance!

Keep these tips in mind while you prepare for your island getaway to guarantee a worry-free tropical escape. Travel safely and wisely, and you and your loved ones will have the time of your lives. Now that you’re ready, what are you waiting for? Hit the beach!

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As International Social Media Manager for Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts (Unique Vacation, Ltd.), Tiffany Mullins leads a team that creates new strategies for global, multi-brand social media. In addition to managing Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts’ online community, she also oversees the direction of Sandals and Beaches social media, including the Sandals Wedding Blog, which brings brides and inspiration together to truly create “Your Wedding. Your Style.” Tiffany now resides on Paradise Island in The Bahamas. For more information on Grand Pineapple’s all inclusive resorts, please call 1-800-327-1991 or visit

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