Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Julie and Julia" and a food festival in Bogotá

Today my wife and I saw the film "Julie and Julia" and of course our thoughts started to revolve around food. It reminded me of the food festival we attended called "Alimentarte," which took place in Bogotá in July. The place was absolutely mobbed and featured a dizzying array of food from many corners of the globe. We spent about an hour trying to decide what we wanted to eat, and eventually I decided on a dish called "patacón con carne desmechada," which consists of shredded meat served over a large piece of fried green plantain. We let our mouths water over this display of pastries, and I went with ice cream (a scoop of rum raisin with a scoop of cookies n' cream). There was also music from a top-notch police salsa band.