Saturday, June 12, 2010

Captured by pirates?

Am I on my way to being abducted by a rascally pirate? Not exactly. We just made a stop at the Pirates of Nassau Museum on our vacation to the Bahamas last month. This was one of the highlights of our vacation for the kids. The history of pirates is fascinating, and it's evident when you visit the museum that a lot of care went into the development of the exhibits. It's also not so large that kids would wind up being bored. This colorful character greeted you at the entrance and at the exit, and of course spoke what we could consider to be typical pirate language (no "Arrr's" though).

Pirates covered a large area of the seas during their heyday, and you'll find museums and exhibits dedicated to them in quite a few places. Some years ago, when we stopped at the town of Bath on our way to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, we saw an exhibit on Blackbeard, who was captured and executed in that area. We ran into stories of pirates when we went to Cartagena, Colombia as well, because Sir Francis Drake attacked the city at one juncture.

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