Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finding Latin treats close to home

When my family and I visited Long Island in July, we weren't expecting to see a large Latin presence there and were pleasantly surprised with finding places where we could get Latin food. Though The Hamptons has a reputation of being a playground for the wealthy, there is also a thriving Latino community in the area. Among the places were some restaurants such as this one along the road between Riverhead and The Hamptons called "Cabaña Latina." It was run by Ecuadorians but had food from Colombia and Central America as well. Cabaña Latina also has a restaurant closer to The Hamptons, on Montauk Highway between Hampton Bays and Southampton.

One of our favorite types of Colombian breads available at the restaurant were buñuelos, which in Colombia are large round cheese fritters. Another type of bread with cheese is called an almojábana. The restaurant also has a good selection of food products that are usually only available in Latin America or in the Latin neighborhoods of cities.

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