Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spain: Favorite foods in Seville

One of the highlights of Seville, and the rest of Spain for that matter, has to be the food. There are many specialties: paella and other seafood dishes, cookies and other sweets baked at convents and sold with the name "dulces del convento", gazpacho or cold soup with tomato and other ingredients, and much more. What I remember most, though, were the delicious tapas that are served in small portions at many locations in Seville.

Here we have a plate of the famous jamón serrano, which loosely translated means ham from the sierra or mountain range. This ham is also referred to as "pata negra" (black hoof). It is served along with other tapas such as queso manchego ("cheese from La Mancha"), olives, fried shrimp, and other foods, accompanied by a glass of sherry, particularly the variety of sherry known as manzanilla.

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